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the letter "h"

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Your Mom
3 September 1986
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yeah...i go to kerr....that's about it.
well...NOW i go to lake hamilton high school...THAT'S about it.
geez...i graduated...fuck. now what?
oh. i got it. i work at sonic in pearcy and it rocks my face off.
seriously. visit us at sonic and try an orange vanilla sprite.
it's the greatest.
now i work at subway...i hate the food business. you have to deal with the dumbest, rudest people ever.
well...subway ended. i moved on to the olive garden which sucked and now i'm working at sonic again. different sonic...but still just as fun.
did some customer service and support for boost mobile (yeah..."where you at?" boost mobile)
then bounced BACK to subway and now i work at
QUAPAW BATHHOUSE i've been here for almost a year and it's alright. longest i've ever held a job.
go me.

my pet!


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